Identity-based networking with Consul

Consul uses service identities and traditional networking practices to help organizations securely connect applications running in any environment.

The pillars of service networking

A modern service networking solution requires that we answer four specific questions: Where are my services running? How do I secure the communication between them? How do I automate routine networking tasks? How do I control access to my environments?

Consul graphic illustration
  • Discover services

    Create a central registry that tracks services, updates, and health statuses in real time.

  • Secure networking

    Ensure all service-to-service communication is authenticated, authorized, and encrypted.

  • Automate networking

    Reduce the operator burden by automating key networking tasks.

  • Access services

    Control access to services at the point of entry and centralize traffic management.

Introduction to HashiCorp Consul

HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar gives a whiteboard overview of HashiCorp Consul, a service networking solution to connect, configure, and secure services in dynamic infrastructure.

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Next steps

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