»Network Areas - Operator HTTP API


This feature requires Consul Enterprise.

The /operator/segment endpoint provides tools to manage network segments via Consul's HTTP API.

The network area functionality described here is available only in Consul Enterprise version 0.9.3 and later. Network segments are operator-defined sections of agents on the LAN, typically isolated from other segments by network configuration.

Please check the Network Segments tutorial for more details.

»List Network Segments

This endpoint lists all network areas.


The table below shows this endpoint's support for blocking queries, consistency modes, agent caching, and required ACLs.

Blocking QueriesConsistency ModesAgent CachingACL Required


  • dc (string: "") - Specifies the datacenter to query. This will default to the datacenter of the agent being queried. This is specified as a URL query parameter.

»Sample Request

$ curl \
$ curl \

»Sample Response

["", "alpha", "beta"]
["", "alpha", "beta"]