»Consul Operator

Command: consul operator

The operator command provides cluster-level tools for Consul operators, such as interacting with the Raft subsystem. This was added in Consul 0.7.

If ACLs are enabled then a token with operator privileges may be required in order to use this command. Requests are forwarded internally to the leader if required, so this can be run from any Consul node in a cluster. See the ACL Guide for more information.

See the Outage Recovery guide for some examples of how this command is used. For an API to perform these operations programmatically, please see the documentation for the Operator endpoint.


Usage: consul operator <subcommand> [options]

  # ...


    area         Provides tools for working with network areas (Enterprise-only)
    autopilot    Provides tools for modifying Autopilot configuration
    raft         Provides cluster-level tools for Consul operators

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar or one of the links below: