»Consul Snapshot Inspect

Command: consul snapshot inspect

The snapshot inspect command is used to inspect an atomic, point-in-time snapshot of the state of the Consul servers which includes key/value entries, service catalog, prepared queries, sessions, and ACLs. The snapshot is read from the given file.

The following fields are displayed when inspecting a snapshot:

  • ID - A unique ID for the snapshot, only used for differentiation purposes.

  • Size - The size of the snapshot, in bytes.

  • Index - The Raft index of the latest log entry in the snapshot.

  • Term - The Raft term of the latest log entry in the snapshot.

  • Version - The snapshot format version. This only refers to the structure of the snapshot, not the data contained within.


Usage: consul snapshot inspect [options] FILE


To inspect a snapshot from the file "backup.snap":

$ consul snapshot inspect backup.snap
ID           2-5-1477944140022
Size         667
Index        5
Term         2
Version      1

Please see the HTTP API documentation for more details about snapshot internals.