»Consul Validate

The consul validate command performs a thorough sanity test on Consul configuration files. For each file or directory given, the command will attempt to parse the contents just as the consul agent command would, and catch any errors.

This is useful to do a test of the configuration only, without actually starting the agent. This performs all of the validation the agent would, so this should be given the complete set of configuration files that are going to be loaded by the agent. This command cannot operate on partial configuration fragments since those won't pass the full agent validation.

For more information on the format of Consul's configuration files, read the consul agent Configuration Files section.


Usage: consul validate [options] FILE_OR_DIRECTORY...

Returns 0 if the configuration is valid, or 1 if there are problems.

$ consul validate /etc/consul.d
Configuration is valid!
$ consul validate /etc/consul.dConfiguration is valid!