» Service Defaults

The service-defaults config entry kind controls default global values for a service, such as its protocol.

» Sample Config Entries

Set the default protocol for a service to HTTP:

Kind = "service-defaults"
Name = "web"
Protocol = "http"

» Available Fields

  • Kind - Must be set to service-defaults

  • Name (string: <required>) - Set to the name of the service being configured.

  • Protocol (string: "tcp") - Sets the protocol of the service. This is used by Connect proxies for things like observability features and to unlock usage of the service-splitter and service-router config entries for a service.

  • MeshGateway (MeshGatewayConfig: <optional>) - Controls the default mesh gateway configuration for this service. Added in v1.6.0.

    • Mode (string: "") - One of none, local, or remote.
  • ExternalSNI (string: "") - This is an optional setting that allows for the TLS SNI value to be changed to a non-connect value when federating with an external system. Added in v1.6.0.

» ACLs

Configuration entries may be protected by ACLs.

Reading a service-defaults config entry requires service:read on itself.

Creating, updating, or deleting a service-defaults config entry requires service:write on itself.