» Consul Agent Service Deregistration

Command: consul services deregister

The services deregister command deregisters a service with the local agent. Note that this command can only deregister services that were registered with the agent specified (defaults to the local agent) and is meant to be paired with services register.

This is just one method for service deregistration. If the service was registered with a configuration file, then deleting that file and reloading Consul is the correct method to deregister. See Service Definition for more information about registering services generally.

» Usage

Usage: consul services deregister [options] [FILE...]

This command can deregister either a single service using the -id flag documented below, or one or more services using service definition files in HCL or JSON format. This flexibility makes it easy to pair the command with the services register command since the argument syntax is the same.

» API Options

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» Service Deregistration Flags

The flags below should only be set if no arguments are given. If no arguments are given, the flags below can be used to deregister a single service.

  • -id - The ID of the service.

» Examples

To deregister by ID:

$ consul services deregister -id=web

To deregister from a configuration file:

$ cat web.json
  "Service": {
    "Name": "web"

$ consul services deregister web.json