» Consul TLS

Command: consul tls

The tls command is used to help with setting up a CA and certificates for Consul TLS.

» Basic Examples

Create a CA:

$ consul tls ca create
==> Saved consul-agent-ca.pem
==> Saved consul-agent-ca-key.pem

Create a client certificate:

$ consul tls cert create -client
==> Using consul-agent-ca.pem and consul-agent-ca-key.pem
==> Saved consul-client-dc1-0.pem
==> Saved consul-client-dc1-0-key.pem

For more examples, ask for subcommand help or view the subcommand documentation by clicking on one of the links in the sidebar.

» Usage

Usage: consul tls <subcommand> <subcommand> [options]

For the exact documentation for your Consul version, run consul tls -h to view the complete list of subcommands.

Usage: consul tls <subcommand> <subcommand> [options]

  # ...

  ca      Helpers for CAs
  cert    Helpers for certificates

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar or one of the links below: