»Cluster Beta

The cluster config entry kind allows for globally defining default configuration that applies to all service mesh proxies. Settings in this config entry apply across all namespaces and federated datacenters.

»Sample Config Entries

»Proxy traffic to catalog destinations only

Kind      = "cluster"
Name      = "cluster"
TransparentProxy {
  CatalogDestinationsOnly = true

»Available Fields

  • Kind - Must be set to cluster

  • Name (string: <required>) - Must be set to cluster

  • Namespace (string: "default")

    - Specifies the namespace the config entry will apply to. Must be set to default

  • Meta (map<string|string>: nil) - Specifies arbitrary KV metadata pairs.

  • TransparentProxy (TransparentProxyConfig: <optional>) - Controls configuration specific to proxies in transparent mode. Added in v1.10.0.

    • CatalogDestinationsOnly (bool: false) - Determines whether sidecar proxies operating in transparent mode can proxy traffic to IP addresses not registered in Consul's catalog. If enabled, traffic will only be proxied to upstreams with service registrations in the catalog.


Configuration entries may be protected by ACLs.

Reading a cluster config entry requires no specific privileges.

Creating, updating, or deleting a cluster config entry requires operator:write.