Currently, the following requirements must be met in order to install Consul on ECS:

  1. Terraform: The tasks that you want to add to the service mesh must first be modeled in Terraform.
  2. Launch Type: Only the Fargate launch type is currently supported.
  3. Subnets: ECS Tasks can run in private or public subnets. Tasks must have network access to Amazon ECR to pull images.
  4. Consul Servers: Currently, Consul servers must run inside ECS on Fargate using the dev-server Terraform module. This is a development/testing only server that does not support persistent storage. In the future, we will support production-ready Consul servers running in HashiCorp Cloud Platform and on EC2 VMs.

»Future Improvements

  • Support EC2 launch type.
  • Support production-ready Consul servers running outside of ECS in HashiCorp Cloud Platform or EC2.
  • Support Consul TLS, ACLs, and Gossip Encryption.
  • Support Consul service health checks.