»Uninstall Consul

Consul can be uninstalled via the helm delete command:

$ helm delete hashicorp
release "hashicorp" uninstalled

After deleting the Helm release, you need to delete the PersistentVolumeClaim's for the persistent volumes that store Consul's data. These are not deleted by Helm due to a bug. To delete, run:

$ kubectl get pvc -l chart=consul-helm
NAME                                   STATUS   VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-0   Bound    pvc-32cb296b-1213-11ea-b6f0-42010a8001db   10Gi       RWO            standard       17m
data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-1   Bound    pvc-32d79919-1213-11ea-b6f0-42010a8001db   10Gi       RWO            standard       17m
data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-2   Bound    pvc-331581ea-1213-11ea-b6f0-42010a8001db   10Gi       RWO            standard       17m

$ kubectl delete pvc -l chart=consul-helm
persistentvolumeclaim "data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-0" deleted
persistentvolumeclaim "data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-1" deleted
persistentvolumeclaim "data-default-hashicorp-consul-server-2" deleted