»Run Consul-Terraform-Sync

  1. Move the consul-terraform-sync binary to a location available on your PATH.

    $ mv ~/Downloads/consul-terraform-sync /usr/local/bin/consul-terraform-sync
  2. Create the config.hcl file, all the options are available here.

  3. Run consul-terraform-sync.

    $ consul-terraform-sync -config-file <config.hcl>
  4. Check status of tasks. Replace port number if configured in Step 2. See additional API endpoints here

    $ curl localhost:8558/status/tasks

»Other Run modes

Consul-Terraform-Sync allows you to inspect your configuration before applying any change and to run in once mode, meaning that you can verify the changes are correctly applied in a test run before running it in unsupervised daemon mode.

To learn more on these options check the Consul-Terraform-Sync Run Modes and Status Inspection tutorial.