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brew tap hashicorp/tap
brew install hashicorp/tap/consul
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Looking for a way to secure and automate application networking without the added complexity of managing the infrastructure?

Try HCP Consul

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Note for ARM users:

  • Use Armelv5 for all 32-bit armel systems
  • Use Armhfv6 for all armhf systems with v6+ architecture
  • Use Arm64 for all v8 64-bit architectures

The following commands can help determine the right version for your system:

$ uname -m
$ readelf -a /proc/self/exe | grep -q -c Tag_ABI_VFP_args && echo "armhf" || echo "armel"

Get Started

Follow step-by-step tutorials on the essentials of Consul.

Release Information

Latest Downloads:
Package downloads for Consul 1.13.2

You can find the SHA256 checksums for Consul 1.13.2 online and you can verify the checksums signature file which has been signed using HashiCorp's GPG key.