Download Consul Tools

From this page you can download various tools for Consul. These tools are maintained by HashiCorp and the Consul Community.

HashiCorp Tools

These Consul tools are created and managed by the dedicated engineers at HashiCorp:

  • Envconsul - Read and set environmental variables for processes from Consul.
  • Consul Replicate - Consul cross-DC KV replication daemon.
  • Consul Template - Generic template rendering and notifications with Consul
  • Consul Migrate - Data migration tool to handle Consul upgrades to 0.5.1+

Community Tools

These Consul tools are created and managed by the amazing members of the Consul community:

  • hashi-ui - A modern user interface for the Consul and Nomad
  • cfg4j - Configuration library for Java distributed apps. Reads and auto-updates configuration from Consul KVs (and others)
  • cfg4j-pusher - Command line app that pushes values from configuration files (YAML, properties, etc.) to Consul KVs
  • confd - Manage local application configuration files using templates and data from etcd or Consul
  • consul-announcer - Command line wrapper for registering services in Consul
  • consul-backinator - Command line Consul KV backup and restoration utility
  • consul-cli - Command line interface to Consul HTTP API
  • consul-do - Do something, such as run HA cronjobs, based on Consul leadership status
  • Consultant - Library for Java services to self register and deregister, fetching configuration, and subscribing to configuration changes.
  • crypt - Store and retrieve encrypted configuration parameters from etcd or Consul
  • Dropwizard Consul Bundle - Service discovery and configuration integration with the Dropwizard framework
  • docker-consul - Dockerized Consul Agent
  • fabio - Fast, zero-conf, consul-aware load-balancing HTTP/HTTPS router
  • git2consul - Mirror the contents of a Git repository into Consul KVs
  • gradle-consul-plugin - A Consul Gradle plugin
  • helios-consul - Service registrar plugin for Helios
  • registrator - Service registry bridge for Docker
  • Spring Cloud Consul - Service discovery, configuration and events for Spring Cloud
  • marathon-consul - Service registry bridge for Marathon
  • marathon-consul - Bridge from Marathon apps to the Consul K/V store
  • mesos-consul - Service registry bridge for Mesos
  • NodeFabric - Turnkey CentOS 7 Atomic Host image with integrated Consul, Registrator and HAProxy - enabling rapid MariaDB-Galera and Ceph deployments
  • Embedded Consul - Library for JVM based applications, provides easy way to run Consul in integration tests
  • Jenkins Consul Plugin - Jenkins plugin for service discovery and K/V store

Are you the author of a tool and you would like to be featured on this page? The Consul website is open source and is embedded inside the Consul repository on GitHub. You can submit a Pull Request to add your tool to the list and we will gladly review it.