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Service Mesh Made Easy

Consul is a distributed service mesh to connect, secure, and configure services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud

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Service-based networking for dynamic infrastructure

The shift from static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure changes the approach to networking from host-based to service-based. Connectivity moves from the use of static IPs to dynamic service discovery, and security moves from static firewalls to dynamic service segmentation.


Host-based networking static, host-based networking


Service-based networking
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Use Cases

Service Discovery

Service Discovery for connectivity

Service Registry enables services to register and discover each other.

Service Segmentation

Service Segmentation for security

Secure service-to-service communication with automatic TLS encryption and identity-based authorization.

Service Configuration

Service Configuration for runtime configuration

Feature rich Key/Value store to easily configure services.

Consul Principles


Codify and automate service definitions, health checks, service authorization policies, failover logic, and more.

$ curl http://localhost:8500/v1/kv/deployment [ { "LockIndex": 1, "Session": "1c3f5836-4df4-0e26-6697-90dcce78acd9", "Value": "Zm9v", "Flags": 0, "Key": "deployment", "CreateIndex": 13, "ModifyIndex": 19 } ]

Run and Connect Anywhere

Connect services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud. Connect services from Kubernetes to VMs, Containers to Serverless functions.

Run and Connect Anywhere

Extend and Integrate

  • Provision clusters on any infrastructure.
  • Connect to services over TLS via proxy integrations.
  • Serve TLS certificates with pluggable Certificate Authorities.
Extend and Integrate

Companies that trust Consul

SAP Ariba
Spaceflight Industries

Consul Open Source addresses the technical complexity of connecting services across distributed infrastructure.

Consul Enterprise

Consul Enterprise addresses the organizational complexity of large user bases and compliance requirements with collaboration and governance features.

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